The Bus

The beer named the bus is a full-flavored session IPA with many flavors to speak of. Just like every beer at Outfield beer company, each beer has a unique story behind it.


The most common usage for the name the bus, would be a "Hudism". The bus, used by the Royals commentator Rex Hudler was when the Royals needed a player to step up and fans would guess which player would step up and win the game that day. Who is driving the bus tonight became a popular Hudism back in 2014 and 2015.


During the time of the Negro Leagues Baseball, the teams would travel from town to town which they called barnstorming. Many days were spent on the road showcasing their brand of baseball and they were not able to fly nor take trains. The bus was their method of traveling and showing their talents between towns and cities.


The most obscure reference to the bus likens to a city called Norway, Iowa in which there is a small local baseball museum. The town is most famous for the Boddikers, who Mike Boddiker played for the Royals and mostly the Orioles. Mike's dad so happens to be nicknamed the bus. The bus was a grain farmer and baseball player.


So, instinctively a beer with different references should be unique and flavorful. Our beer, The Bus is a Norwegian session IPA, slightly tart with tropical flavors that quenches a thirst on a hot day.


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